Preparation, you’re the doctor having so much fun!

When the tides come in and you can’t explain it, when that happens we come forth and dish it.  Notes get written, notes get unwritten, at least we can explain that.

It’s been a handful of moons since we rock n’ rolled for you. Come August 22nd we’ll be hitting the dimly lit stage again. 

You’ll want to see this show, we’ve got Nightosaur, Red Desert, and The Wolf Council who will in addition to BOLO, will bring forth loudness for your collective souls.

In some non-disclosed and or alternate future, BOLO has an EP of material to record for the small masses. In the meantime, a gift:

Straight from our main mommies’ jeans to yours. Go to and listen to podcast episode 218 for more on this eye-opening track.

BOLO may need to do a cover rendition of this tune in the future.

Hello, maybe this is something of interest? Come trip the devil fantastique (sic) with us.

Last Chance to Prance


Hey ya’ll, guess what, this Saturday 7/27/13 will be our final residency gig at Grumpy’s Bar downtown. If you haven’t made it out to one of our residency shows this month you should remedy that. In between sets by Red Desert and BOLO, you will have aural rewards from DJ Cromignon.

Keep in mind that this show is free, and the superb Jer Fink will be filling in on guitar for us.

After this show we will retreat into a recording mode. So get some of us now, before we become momentarily recluse.

In 2 days, you’re going to need to get out of the house.

Unfortunately, this Saturday 7/20/13 we will not be playing at Grumpy’s. A scheduling/logistical conflict came up. In lieu of witnessing us play, you should certainly come down to Grumpy’s to attend the Bash 13 event. You’ve got Honky, The Melvins, Mudhoney, HEPA-TITUS, Negative Approach, and the mighty Gay Witch Abortion. You really can’t lose.

If these groups are not your bag and you still wish to get your music on this Saturday night, you’ll want to head on over to the Hexagon; there-The Great Went is hosting their cd release show. The bill for this event is also off the hook; Traindodge, Self-Evident, The Great Went (obviously), and Hardcore Crayons. This show is free.

Sophomore edition

This Saturday 7/13/13 we’re back at Grumpy’s downtown Minneapolis for the second installment of our July residency. The seminal Droids Attack will be joining us to tear shit up. Admission is free; because you will need that extra scratch to buy adult beverages and the delicious food they serve at Grumpy’s.

Check out Droids Attack at

July in Minneapolis, get your fill of BOLO.


Oh hell, the time is nigh! This upcoming Saturday we’re initiating the BOLO July residency at Grumpy’s Bar in downtown Minneapolis. Each Saturday we’ll have another wicked band with us. Admission is free, so that’s great for the pocket book. We’ll have T-shirts for sale, so if you like to not be naked from the waist up—we have the solution. Another treat for you all, and us, will be Mr. Jer Fink of Goodnight Ritual fame filling in on guitar for our residency. This Saturday will feature the mighty Witchden. Get out there around 9pm, get a beer and then get melted.

Need an intro to your weekend? We done made this video to complement our song Straight Up Griftin’ from our 2012 album Depopulous. You can check it, peep it, or absorb it; whatever your intake methodology is, get your pull.

Kaleidoscope of pianos

Yesterday’s charity gig at the Mall of America rotunda was quite a lot of fun. Obviously we were very much out of our element performing there. However, the folks at Keys 4/4 Kids’ Pianos On Parade made it quite enjoyable and hospitable.

The children in attendance, some of which were our own, were quite happy with the free BOLOnimals and earplugs that we provided.

Though we were not present for the first day of Pianos On Parade, judging from the colorful artistic pianos on display it appeared to be quite a success. If you are interested in this charity, use your favorite search engine and type in, “Keys 4/4 Kids” or “Pianos On Parade”; these folks are doing great things for children by fostering their musical and artistic interests early on.

Again, thanks to Keys 4/4 Kids for allowing us to yell at the top of our lungs in the Mall of America without fear of being hauled away by the authorities. If you receive hate mail from Barnes & Noble or Starbucks, feel free to forward said complaints to us. We’d be delighted to address their concerns.

Let the chips fall.


This Sunday 5/19/2013 at 6pm, BOLO will invade the Mall Of America’s rotunda. Not unlike the zombies in “Dawn of the Dead” invading Pennsylvania’s own Monroeville Mall. Though, BOLO’s motives are a bit more altruistic than the zombies’ from that Romero classic.

We will be performing in support of Keys 4/4 Kids’ Pianos On Parade charity event. Local visual artists will be painting pianos while we play our music. It will surely be a very enriching experience of music, art, and charity.

It’s a free show of course; and really, how curious are you to find out about this picture?